Monday, May 31, 2010


Hello, my name is Aaron Kim Elton and I am currently operating the Global Peace Hut Ground Team in Uganda East Africa.

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone interested in our work informed about the continued work and progression of our various initiatives within the country of Uganda.
(Above: Sebastian R. overlooking one of the Kampala Districts)

The year is 2010. I have been in the country now for a little over one month's time and am well under way with the task of training a ground team in the country to create a base of operations somewhere in the region of the capital city Kamapala... also known here as K L A.

Our long term objectives can be found from our website at, other relevant project information such as volunteer opportunities and permaculture design certificate courses can be found there as well.
In short, our objectives in this 2010 year are to solidify a semi-rural base of operations which can become host to various training and facilitative gatherings. We are really into sustainable education and have adopted Permacultre as a primary educational system to enable individuals to understand how to design their living situations to provide their own food and basic needs more effectively and without destroying their local or regional ecology; we see this as a fundamental step towards our greater goals of creating lasting peace for any community.

Please check out the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and or Canada for further reading on permaculture as we will be offering certificate training courses from our Ugandan property in Jan 2011 in Union with PRI Canada. (Permaculture Research Institute of Canada)
As for what to expect from this blog... Pictures, stories, and intrigue... I want to show you that Africa as you may think it, is NOT as it really is! There is LOTS going on over here... wonderful stories of success and also tribulation, but with the waking consciousness of humanity, I'm looking forward to becoming a singular fish in the massive school of EARTH REPARATION which starts with YOU!

My motto which I try to get my friends and Co-Workers to adopt: LOVE THE WORK YOU DO OR PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!!
If there is one thing this work we are doing can relay to you, it's that the creation of WORLD PEACE is found through Sustainable Living and Peaceful Ethics. We LOVE OUR WORK, that's why we are doing it! I'm not living my life in east Africa because I'm some Saviour mental case, I'm here because I LOVE IT HERE!!! IT'S AMAZING! And I always invite others to come experience life here as well, with a little work and a lot of thought, your experience can go a long way for you and the world at large.
Follow this blog if you want to help us, follow it if you want to join us, follow it if you want to learn what is REALY going on in Kampala Uganda, follow it if you are going to Study permaculture, follow it if you want to live here, even if just for a time or a read, it's my personal guarantee you will LOVE IT!!! You have to be CRAZY NOT TO!!!!!


Project Coordinator, Global Peace Hut, Uganda.

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